Fresh Cut Flowers – Seasonal Availability List

This list varies year to year as we always try to improve and expand our flower selections.
We also have a wide assortment of woody cut materials. Please see our seasonality list.

Flowers/Foliage Availability Color Choices
Ageratum July – October Blue
Amaranthus August – October Maroon, green, orange/rust
Aster September White, purple
Astilbe May – June Pink, white
Basil June – October Foliage
Bupleurum May – July Yellow/green
Celosia/cockscomb July – October Red, yellow, green, pink
Cosmos June – October Pink, white
Craspedia (billy balls) August – October Yellow
Dahlia August – November Many different colors
Dianthus (sweet William) June – August Array of petal color and hot pink
Dicentra (bleeding heart) May – early June Pink, white
Dill June – October Yellow
Echinachea (cone flowers) June – August Pink
Euphorbia (Snow on the Mountain) July – September Green and white foliage
Flowers Oregano June – October Green foliage
Grass July – November Green, chocolate
Goldenrod August – September Yellow
Gumphrena July – November Pink, blue, purple, white
Heliopsis June – August Yellow
Hydrangea (various kinds) June – October White, pink, blue, green
Iris May – June Purple, blue, white
Larkspur May – July Purple, white, pink
Mint June – November Foliage
Nigella June – July Blue, pink, white
Peonies May – June White, light to dark pink
Phlox June-July White, pink
Polygonum (Kiss me over the garden gate) July – October Pink
Purple Majesty Millet August – December Green, maroon
Rudbekia July – September Yellow
Salvia June – October Blue, white
Scented Geranium July – November Green
Sedum July – October Green buds, pink flowers
Solomon Seal May – June White/green foliage
Sunflowers July – September Yellow, maroon
Verbena June – July Purple
Yarrow June – September Yellow, pastels
Zinnia June – October Wide assortment of colors


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